China Professional Skills Course

This comprehensive course will allow you to confidently operate & interact with Chinese people in professional settings and significantly increase your ability to achieve your goals with China & Chinese people.

With logical progression, each topic builds on previous learning and informs upcoming topics; China foundation knowledge, Cultural understanding & skills, Communication norms & skills, China business acumen & skills, China professional norms & skills.

Subject matter is drawn from our face-to-face China Training courses that have been successfully deployed to over 900 companies, trade organisations, local and national government.

On-demand, self-paced & self directed the ten-minute video micro trainings are easy to fit into busy schedules.

Study Time : 3 - 5 hrs

On-Demand, Self-Paced, Self Directed

Modular 10 Minute Video Micro-Trainings

5 Lessons, 29 Topics, 500+ Key Points

Topic Quizzes & Certificates

Final Quiz with Course Certificate

USD 40

Certificates & Continuing Professional Development

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Course Certificate

Upon completing the course a downloadable, printable pdf Course Certificate is provided.

Continuing Professional Development

Your course certificate provides CPD verification.

If for any reason you do not complete the course you can download a CPD certificate for each topic that you did complete.

Lessons & Topics In This Course

What People Say About Our Training

Extremely educational. Sets out the differences between Western & Chinese thinking.  Adds very good insight into why things happen, not just what happens. Excellent expenditure of time.


Husqvarna, Sweden

Great! The training provides key concepts about Chinese culture, which can be directly applied in my job. I am sure this training will improve my ability to succeed in China.


Akzo Nobel, Holland