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ChinaTasks and Occam

ChinaTasks is the digital arm of Occam Consulting a China training and consulting company.

UK/US owned Occam was established in Shanghai in 2006 to provide services to multinational companies operating in China.

Our initial work was to train westerners to work effectively with Chinese and Chinese nationals to work in international companies.

Our China client base includes over 50 multinational companies from all over the world.

China to New Zealand

In 2009 Occam began working with Air New Zealand when they initiated their China routes, training Kiwi and Chinese cabin crew and successive Country Managers.

In 2010 we started working with the New Zealand government, initially providing digital resources for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.

In 2011 we began working in New Zealand with New Zealand Trade & Enterprise training over 800 companies in support of the NZ-PRC Free-Trade-Agreement.  Since then trade with China has increased four-fold and Chinese investment into NZ was over NZ$11 billion in 2020.

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F2F to Digital

In 2014 Occam began taking the face-to-face training that we had delivered to several thousand participants across all sectors and converting it into professional quality video.

ChinaTasks was launched in 2015, initially to one government department, some selected corporate clients and trade associations.

In 2016 ChinaTasks training was launched across the entire NZ government and is accessible to over 45,000 staff.

ChinaTasks Evolution

ChinaTasks was conceived to provide our clients China training wherever and whenever needed and for Occam to extend it's reach worldwide.

Initially deployed as modular, moment-of-need micro-trainings, it evolved to include full courses with interactive quizzes and assessments, certificates and blended learning.

This combination allows high quality, lockdown-proof, interactive, situation specific training worldwide.


What people say about our training

Extremely educational. Sets out the differences between Western & Chinese thinking.  Adds very good insight into why things happen, not just what happens. Excellent expenditure of time.


Husqvarna, Sweden

Great! The training provides key concepts about Chinese culture, which can be directly applied in my job. I am sure this training will improve my ability to succeed in China.


Akzo Nobel, Holland