ChinaTasks explains how things work in China allowing you to make better & more informed decisions, then provides skills & tools to get things done with China & the Chinese.


Training is practical, modular, on-line, on-demand & self-paced allowing you to choose the topic you need to know about or the task you need to complete either at your 'moment-of-need' or as part of a course to increase your overall China acumen & capabilities.


ChinaTasks training is fast & to the point with minimal redundant information or distractions. A typical seven-minute video contains 15-20 key points taken from two hours of face-to-face classroom & workshop training.


Watching the video once presents each key point in three formats - visual, audio & on-screen text and takes less than 10 minutes. Total time for an entire course is around 4 hours.

Watching it a second time and pausing to take notes adds kinesthetic learning, takes around 20 minutes and presents & re-enforces the information seven times. Total time for a course is around 8 hours.

A ChinaTasks course contains content from 5 - 6 days of classroom & workshop training.


Our online training is used by individuals, companies and government agencies. Our largest client is the entire New Zealand Government.

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