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$200 usd

Moment of Need

Quickly get up to speed on a China task or topic in 10 minutes. On-demand, to the point, minimised redundant information.

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$700 usd

China Capability Integration

China skills & capability integrated with your circumstances, role, goals and skillsets. In-depth & customised to you.

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$200 usd

China Foundation Course

To understand China and interact effectively with Chinese it's vital to have some basic knowledge without any media or political bias.

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$200 usd

Communicating With Chinese

Communication knowledge & skills allowing for the free-flow of information, ideas, questions & solutions with Chinese people.

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$200 usd

China Professional Acumen

This course enables you make more informed China decisions when working with China and Chinese people.

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What people say about our training

The material & presentation flow was very good, I appreciated the interaction and questioning.



My feedback is very positive, one of the more useful trainings I have ever had.