Why Training For China Is Important



China's is set to overtake the USA as the worlds largest economy between 2025-30.

China's FDI outflow in 2020 was USD 133 Billion.

This growth provides opportunities and benefits for countries and companies in different sectors from infrastructure to professional services, as demonstrated in the case study below.

Case Study : New Zealand

In 2008 New Zealand was the first OECD country to sign a free trade agreement with China.  Since then two-way trade has increased four-fold to NZD32 billion and in 2020 investment from China into New Zealand was NZD11 billion or just over NZD30 million a day.

Around 50% of these investments are in regions outside of major cities.  They are well diversified including primary industries, food and beverage, technology, infrastructure and construction sectors, start-ups and venture capital.



From 2010-15 in support of the Free Trade Agreement the New Zealand government contracted Occam (ChinaTasks parent company) to provide face-to-face China Business Training to over 800 companies.

Additionally, in conjunction with national and local tourism bodies Occam deployed a Chinese Tourism roadshow across the country with participants from 2,000 tourism providers.

Since 2015 ChinaTasks training has been deployed across the entire central government.

China Business Development

We can help with your China business development.

This may be as simple as a page in Chinese on your website welcoming China business and detailing how you train staff to work professionally with Chinese.

Alternatively we provide consulting services to plan, initiate or improve your business with China.


What people say about our training

Enjoyable course, lots of valuable information about challenges expatriates face when dealing with local colleagues. Particularly useful for all expatriates to know is Guanxi and Face.


InterContinental Hotels, UK

Exceeded my expectations, useful in private and business. It covered areas I didn’t think would be covered.  It will be very useful to my assignment in China for sure. Thanks!


General Motors, USA