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Course / Resource Description

100 % Online / Self-Directed

Quickly get up to speed on a China task or topic in 10 minutes.

On-demand and information rich with minimised redundant information.

Look up whatever you need – whenever you need it or take as a course.

Key Concepts covered include

  • Understanding China
  • Understanding Chinese mindset
  • Communicating with Chinese people
  • Working successfully with Chinese people
  • How achieve the best outcomes with China and Chinese people

Participants will be able to

Look up any task or topic and get up to speed whenever required.

Utilise China specific knowledge and skills to confidently prepare for and participate in professional situations with Chinese people.

Recognize China specific professional and social norms, anticipate Chinese people’s expectations and adapt your communication and behavior for the most beneficial results.

Read situations, interpret, analyse and apply China appropriate critical thinking so you can offer real-world solutions when interacting with Chinese people.

Be aware of the fundamental forces driving China’s markets, economy and political system.

Understand influences on Chinese consumers, investors and policy makers.

Adapt your own professional skills and make more informed decisions to achieve the most beneficial outcomes.

What’s included

Access to all resource/course material for one year.

Subject Matter

The subject matter included in this course is from our five-day, face-to-face China Business Training course which has been delivered to 1,709 people from 845 organisations.

How is the subject matter presented

The resource is split into lessons and each lesson has a number of topics. The subject matter for each topic is presented in a 5-9 minute professionally produced video.

Lesson and Topic List

Scroll to bottom of page for details of the 3 lessons and 29 topics in this course.


On average participants take between 10-20 minutes to complete each topic, depending on if they choose to take notes or view the subject matter more than once.


Self-Directed. Watch any topic, at any time, in any order as many times as needed.

Course Progression

Your course progress is automatically displayed with a progress bar and the course navigation side-bar displays all lessons and topics with each changing colour as they are completed.

Who is it for

This course is suitable for anyone at all levels.

Entry Requirements

There are no pre-course entry requirements.


This course / resource is presented in English.

Device & Internet Requirements

To use this resource you will need access to either a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone and a reliable broadband internet connection able to support online streaming of videos.


  1. Register online with your name & email address
  2. Pay online by Credit Card or PayPal
  3. Start using this resource or taking your course immediately


Amy Adams has over 25 years experience providing China training for organisations ranging from small businesses to multi-national companies, trade organisations, local and central government.

After studying Chinese language and literature at Smith College and Nanjing University, Amy began her career training Chinese executives at CNOOC, a Chinese state owned company, before going on to co-found Occam Consulting, the owner of ChinaTasks, in 2006.

Amy has delivered and facilitated China training to over 5,000 people, in 800+ organisations from over 30 countries.