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100% Online / Zoom Facilitated Workshops and Online Self-Directed / Quizzes & Feedback / Course Certificate / 12 Hours

Customised to your circumstances, role and goals this course integrates and adapts your professional abilities and experience with China professional skills, knowledge and acumen.

With Zoom you can interact with the facilitator, ask questions, go into further depth, cover additional topics and apply training to your real world situation.

Key Concepts Include

  • Being successful in your role in a Chinese context
  • Adapting your skills and knowledge to achieve your goals with Chinese people
  • How Chinese people view your sector & what’s important to them
  • Understanding China 
  • Understanding Chinese mindset 
  • Communicating with Chinese people
  • Working successfully with Chinese people
  • How to achieve the best outcomes with China and Chinese people

Participants will be able to

Fully adapt existing skills and employ new ones to be effective in a China context.

Understand Chinese perception of their sector and influence Chinese decision making.

Appreciate the Chinese perspective of the participants role and goals.

Use China specific knowledge and skills to confidently prepare for and participate in professional situations with Chinese people.

Recognize China specific professional and social norms, anticipate Chinese people’s expectations and adapt your communication and behavior for the most beneficial results.

Read situations, interpret, analyse and apply China appropriate critical thinking so you can offer real-world solutions when interacting with Chinese people.

Be aware of the fundamental forces driving China’s markets, economy and political system.

Understand influences on Chinese consumers, investors and policy makers.

Adapt your own professional skills and make more informed decisions to achieve the most beneficial outcomes.

Course Format

4 x two hour workshops and four hours of study time OR 8 x one hour workshops and four hours study time

Self directed online study comprises 29 short videos with interactive quizzes which take around 10 minutes each.

There is a final online quiz and course certificate on completion.

You’ll also have access to all the resources in the online Professional Skills Course for one year.

You can contact us to add customised modules or even set up an entirely new training specific to your role, goals and circumstances.


These base topics ensure participants have the knowledge and skills to work effectively in a China context and are used as a lead in to discussing participants role, goals and circumstances in the workshops.

About China About Chinese Cultural Factors Communications Professional Skills Hospitality China Market Visiting China
Foundation Knowledge History to 1949 Face & Guanxi In Person Communication Professional Presentation Dining with Chinese Market Considerations Visiting China
Economy History from 1949 Hierarchy Written Communication Greeting Chinese Hosting Chinese Selling to China China Assignments
Legal System & Contracts Chinese Diversity Situational Flexibility Telephone Communication Meetings with Chinese Hosting Activities Marketing to Chinese Useful Phrases
Language Awareness Avoiding Conflict Translation & Interpreters Negotiating & Influencing Corporate Gifting

Individual / Groups

Individuals can enroll online. For groups please contact us as there is a significant cost saving when you add extra participants.

How to Enroll

  1. Register online with your name & email address
  2. Pay online by Credit Card or PayPal
  3. Immediate access to the online Professional Skills course materials
  4. We will email you to discuss your training and schedule Zoom calls


Amy Adams has over 25 years experience providing China training for organisations ranging from small business to multi-national companies, trade organisations, local and central government.

After studying Chinese language and literature at Smith College and Nanjing University, Amy began her career training Chinese executives at the CNOOC, a Chinese state owned company, before going on to co- found Occam Consulting, the owner of ChinaTasks, in 2006.

Amy has delivered and facilitated China training to over 5,000 people, in 800+ organisations from over 30 countries.

What people say about our training

Excellent program. Very good information on cultural differences and how decisions are made. Should be very useful in improving work performance.


Cargill, USA

I really enjoyed having the one-on-one training. It provided more time for questions. The course material and presentation was well structured. Great course.


Trane Technologies