ChinaTasks Insights Newsletter-211


China's Five Year Plan

China is aiming to lift its economic and technological strength putting emphasis on improving domestic economic conditions, boosting technological innovation and national security, while leaving sufficient room to cope with mounting risks and challenges.



China's Services Trade Expands

China's services trade went up 9.4 percent year on year to top US$504.21 billion in the first eight months of the year.

China has taken a slew of measures to promote the opening-up of trade in services to a higher level and pledged to take more.



Going Green adding to power shortages

The government’s environmental agenda & President Xi Jinping’s vision of de-carbonizing the economy has discouraged the burning of coal.



China's Chips

Amid a global shortage of microchips, China expands push for advanced chip production.

China is developing high-end microchip production at an unprecedented rate and mass production of domestic 14nm chips may be realized next year.

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Looking After The Elderly

Most Shanghai taxis receive ride requests through mobile apps making life difficult for elderly residents who cannot use a smartphone.

To solve this problem, local authorities have unveiled new smart cab-hailing screens enabling residents to call taxis by pressing a button or simply by scanning their faces on a screen.



Shenzhen - Special Economic Zone

2020 GDP for Shenzhen was US$4.33 trillion — around US$15.5 billion more than it was in 2019.

With many foreign companies setting up R&D in Shenzhen, what are the benefits drawing them here?



First Shanghai To Europe Freight Train Departs

The "Shanghai Express," loaded with 50 containers of goods including apparel, auto parts, and solar panels, will travel more than 10,000 km in two weeks before arriving in Hamburg, according to Shanghai Customs.


CTGN 2020 Review

An interactive review from CTGN - China's English language TV channel.

"China has attained decisive achievements in securing a victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects."

– Communique of 5th plenary session of 19th CPC Central Committee

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China Imports by the Numbers

  1. Electrical machinery, equipment: US$548.7 billion (26.7% of total imports)
  2. Mineral fuels including oil: $267.6 billion (13%)
  3. Machinery including computers: $192 billion (9.3%)
  4. Ores, slag, ash: $180 billion (8.8%)
  5. Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $99.1 billion (4.8%)
  6. Vehicles: $74 billion (3.6%)
  7. Plastics, plastic articles: $71 billion (3.5%)
  8. Copper: $48.5 billion (2.4%)
  9. Organic chemicals: $45.6 billion (2.2%)
  10. Oil seeds: $45 billion (2.2%)

How many Starbucks in Shanghai?

A short video about consumer consumption in China.

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NZ - PRC Trade Keys Facts

A quick overview of New Zealand / China trade from the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade.



Lego in China

The world's largest Lego retail flagship store, in Guangzhou, is opening during the weeklong National Day holiday as the company continues to expand in China.

Lego said it's on track to cover 85 Chinese cities with 300 retail stores by the end of this year, and in terms of digital sales it has doubled the number of subscribers to its official Tmall store from a year ago.


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